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"My name is Karen Liddell; I'm a 35-year-old mom, wife, and part-time accountant. As a rule, I delete all unsolicited "junk" e-mail and use my account primarily for business. I received what I assumed was this same e-mail countless times and deleted it each time."

For the past few years, a chain letter with the above introduction has been circulating around the Internet. The chain letter describes how you can send $5.00 to four strangers, place your name on a list, and then make a large amount of money. Most significantly, the letter insists that chain letters of this sort are legal because a "product is being offered."

That is false. As I have learned, this chain letter is against the law in all fifty states. And I'm paying dearly for it.

I am the Karen Liddell who wrote that letter. It's true that I was a 35-year-old housewife. It's not true that I'm an accountant; I added that part to make the chain letter seem legitimate. I didn't see the harm in what I thought to be a minor lie.

Most importantly, I did not earn the money I claimed to. When I wrote that introduction, I had just received the chain letter, and I thought that embellishing it with a new introduction would encourage people to participate.

The past few years have been very difficult for me. I have been harrassed via e-mail, and threatening letters have been mailed to my house. Most importantly, I have been contacted by the U.S. Postal Service. First, they sent me a letter. Then, as they received more complaints, they called me. Then, they summoned me to a hearing, where I was fined for doing this. All mail to my house is now being redirected to the U.S. Post Office and I have to wait several days before receiving it. My reputation is ruined, and many times when I try applying for a job, I get asked about if I'm the one on the chain letter. When I say "yes", usually that's when the interview ends.

This chain letter, like all chain letters which request money, is illegal. The parts about it being legal due to a "product being sold" were added by a con artist to fool people into thinking it was legal. It fooled me. And, by the number of copies of the letter I've seen with my name on it, it's fooled a lot of you, too.

The odds are probably small that you will be caught if you participate in a chain letter on the Internet. They made an example out of me. I urge you not to take the chance. Do not participate in this chain letter. If you receive any mail or see any Web site which asks you to send cash to a list of people, be wary. If it says it's legal, it's probably just to fool you.

Chain letters -- just say no!

I urge you to follow the US Postal Service link below and read it carefully. It was written with chain letters such as mine in mind.

US Postal Service Statement on Chain Letters

There are more links - see the bottom of this page, below the reports' text.

I'm sorry for what I did and I ask the Internet for forgiveness. My e-mail address is karenliddell@despammed.com . You may send me e-mail if you like, but please -- no flames. I've learned my lesson and now I'm trying to make right by preventing others from making the mistake I did. Years later, I'm still being contacted, and I even had my old warning page taken down by those who want to keep the chain letter going.

I don't have a list of those still using my name to spread this around. I'd rather spend time with my kids instead.

I'm trying to put this behind me. I've learned my lesson and hope you learn from my mistake.

The Reports

Quite honestly, the four "reports" distributed via this plan aren't even worth five dollars each. They are filled with lies and I have learned, upon showing them to real multi-level marketing experts, that they are dangerously wrong. Worse yet, two of them simply explain how to start another chain letter just like this one. These "reports" are sham products.

Here are the four reports as I received them:


Report 1: "How to Make $250,000 Through Multi-Level Sales"

Henry Ford once said, "I wouldn't care if someone took all my money from me, because I know how to make it back. In fact, I have a greater knowledge and a better plan than I did the first time." Men like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and others all had one thing in common. They had a very simple plan for success which they followed religiously. The plan that you are now considering, and are going to read more about, can make you more money than you have ever imagined! A plan so simple that you may not believe it will work. However, one of the reasons that it does work is because it is simple!

All you have to do is follow these steps and you will have a shot at your quarter-million dollars:

CAUTION: Do not be tempted to vary this formula in any way! You must follow these steps exactly.

Use a four-step multi-level technique.

The product must sell for $5.00 and must be information that can be reproduced and sold by others.

Your initial packets must contain the following:

A personal letter of introduction from the originator of the plan

An invitation to participate in the plan

The necessary instructions to understand the plan

A four level list of the reports with the names and addresses where the reports can be ordered

Testimonials by others who have participated in the plan

A conclusion from the originator to tie the whole package together

When the information is purchase from you, include a brief hand-written note. (thank you, etc.)

Get yourself a good email list, the more current the better.

Send out the most you can! You can send out fewer, but you're shooting for $250,000.

REMEMBER: You must follow each step exactly as directed in order to achieve maximum success!

Now, lets look at the results of your efforts:

Assuming the worst possible circumstances, you can still expect .2% of the people to respond with an order. That?s 20 orders out of 10,000 packets. Therefore, at level one, you?ll receive 20 orders or $100. Unfortunately though, about 1/3 of those who respond will never get around to sending out any packets at all. I'll never understand how they can pass up this wonderful opportunity, but they foolishly will. This leaves just 13 out of 20 who will send out 10,000 packets each. If only .2% of these 130,000 folks respond, that's 260 orders for you on the second level or $1,300. Again, if only 2/3 of the people participate, 173 will send out 10,000 packets each, or 1,730,000 total. At level three, you?ll receive 3,460 orders or $17,300. Finally the 2/3 of those who respond will send out 10,000 packets, each with your name on level four. Still allowing for just .2% return, that will be 46,120 orders. This will come to $230,600! Add to that the $100, plus the $1,300, plus the $17,300 that you?ve already received from the other levels, and your grand total is $249,300!

Now, friends, lets not forget, we painted a very conservative picture in the above scenario. We estimated that out of every 10,000 packets received, 9,980 people tossed their possible fortune in the trash. We then estimated that 1/3 of those who do order will do absolutely nothing with this opportunity. It never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful people would rather choose to do nothing? just because it is easier. Using a good, current mailing list, you should do much better than the example that I have given. However, if you happen to be a die-hard pessimist, think about this:

If your response is only half as good as indicated in the example (a 0.1% response), your total income will be $124,650. If your response in 1/10 of .1% (unbelievably low) you'll still make over $12,465.

This means that if only ONE in one thousand decides to participate, you'll still make over $12,000.

You might now be thinking, "Gee, it really does sound good? but how much money will it cost me to participate in this plan?" My actual cost to send out 10,000 packets was only $15 for the on-line time. Also, don't overlook the easiest way of all to improve your profits: simply send out more than 100,000 packets. SEND OUT 500,000 IF YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE THE CASH FLOW!

You are probably one of the 20 or more who have ordered this series of reports from someone who probably sent out 10,000 or more packets. Will you be the one out of seven who does absolutely nothing ? or will you be one of those people who shoot for the $250,000? If you are one of the wise, whose fortune is just around the corner, take the time to re-read this report. Then begin at once! Follow the plan exactly as outlined. If you have any questions, contact the person from whom you ordered the report. The sooner you begin, the sooner you?ll be heading for the bank with your $250,000.


Report 2: "Major Corporations and Multi-Level Sales"

How do Exxon, McDonald's, Tupperware and Avon use the multi-level sales system? VERY PROFITABLY INDEED!

All of the major corporations use the basic four level sales plan, pioneered in ancient Greece more than 2000 years ago. Many billions each year in profits are earned by these giant corporations showing us the wisdom of the four level technique.

Exxon produces oil (level one), which is then sold to the refinery (level two). The refined products are sold to the wholesaler (level three), who sells to the retailer (level four) which is your local service station.

McDonald's buys beef, bread etc. (level one), which they sell to their sales department (level two), who sells to the regional franchise (level three), who in turn sells to the local store (level four).

Tupperware and Avon produce a product (level one), which they sell to their sales departments (level two), who sells to a distributor (level three), who sells to your local dealer or representative (level four).

Each of these and many other giant companies make their fortunes by using similar multi-level techniques. There are different products involved, but each of these companies have a few common denominators. First, each company as a specific and exact sales plan. Everyone in the company is expected to ollow the plan without any deviation. Second, all employees participating in the plan are dependent on those who are on the levels above and below themselves. The corporations is using thousands of people to make billions of ollars in profits.

Anyone can make money in a relatively short period of time, just by doing a few basic things:

Find a multi-level plan that is simple, workable, and does not cost much to get in.

Use a four-level sales technique.

Be prompt in all your business dealings, fill orders quickly and be honest in all things.

Encourage others to participate. If they make money, you will and vice versa. EVERYBODY WINS!

In today's market, a McDonald's franchise (if you can get one) will cost about $50,000. And that sum does not include any land, buildings, or equipment. That money is simply your admission ticket to be part of their proven plan.

YOU do not have to pay $50,000 (plus tons of hard work) to be part of a proven and successful plan.

There are a number of simple, workable multi-level opportunities that you can participate in for $100?. or even less. Of course, you can also put as much as you can justify into one of these multi-level mail order plans and thereby increase your return. The best investment in a plan such as we are discussing is increased mailings. The more letters of invitation you send out, the more money you will make.


Report 3: "Sources for the Best Mailing Lists"

There's one thing you must be absolutely certain of to ensure your success with multi-level programs: YOU MUST USE FRESH, UNUSED NAMES. Always ask the mailing companies if they can sell unused names and how much they are. There are thousands of ways to get fresh names. You may buy a good list, some list brokers might add your name and you may start receiving various types of "interesting" mail. Some of them will try to sell you their offer. Simply ignore these and do not let them discourage you. You are using the best program around anywhere.

The Most Useful Tool in the Retail Order Business is a Good "Hot Name" Mailing List.

If you are only sending out a few thousand (or up to 1,000,000) letters, you may be able to come up with a good mailing list on your own. Here are some suggested sources for putting together a small mailing list:

Ask your family, friends, and neighbors. You will be amazed how many of them have access to names.

Scan the newsgroups in the business and money sections.

Get an Internet Directory from a bookstore or similar source.

Look in the search engines under "email lists" for companies that sell mailing lists.

If you are going to mail to a large number of people who might want to participate in your plan, you may need to enlist the aid of a professional list broker. They will provide as many names as you could ever want. There are dozens of list brokers that you can contact and some are listed below: Go to a search engine (for instance, my favorite is Alta Vista at http://www.altavista.digital.com) and search on a key phrase such as "bulk email" or "email lists".

A few that I found were:

[Karen's note: I deleted these website links.]

These should definitely get you started.


Report 4: "Evaluating Multi-Level Sales Plans"

Practically thousands of Multi-Level sales plans are being used in the world today. In this Report, however, we will discuss only those Multi-Level sales plans that are being used in the U.S. Mail.

There are Three Important Elements to a Mail Order Multi-Level Plan

Products Sold: The product sold is very important. First of all, it must be reasonably priced. You cannot expect someone to pay $10 for something they can purchase locally for $5. Secondly, there must be incentives to buy the product. In a Multi-Level plan, the only real incentive to buy the product is the opportunity the buyer has to reproduce the product and sell it to others. The best product to offer to everyone else who participates, is information. Extensive research in mail Order programs has proven this to be the most effective product to offer in Multi-Level sales. Beware of plans that promote a company's name in the letter to provide mailing list rentals. Usually, these companies want to sell their list more than they want to make the plan successful for all the participants. Level of Plan: Exhaustive research has shown that the plan should be a four-level plan. Fewer than four levels fails to allow enough people to participate. More than four levels causes the plans to become too large. The best plans allow each participant to collect at all four levels. With four levels, each person involved knows at all times where their name is on the list, as well as how many people are participating. If enough are not participating, more programs should be sent out. Invitation to Participate: Your invitation to participate should be included in your initial letter. Everything we have learned tells us that the letter should contain four pages (in this order): An opening testimonial A letter of introduction from or about the originator of the plan, and additional testimonials. An invitation to participate along with a four-level list of all the Reports with names and addresses where the Reports can be ordered. A conclusion from the originator to tie the whole package together. When the Reports are purchased, a handwritten note should accompany the order. FIND A MULTI-LEVEL PLAN THAT MEETS THESE REQUIREMENTS, AND YOU ARE ON YOUR WAY TO RICHES! If you received a copy of this report and would like to have an OIGINAL of this or any of the other three reports for reprinting your orders, please send $5 cash (for each report you need) along with a self-addressed, stamped envelope and the name and number of the report(s) needed. All four will fit into one envelope. Also, please specify ORIGINAL in your letter. Send to: [name and address snipped]

US Postal Service Statement on Chain Letters

The MMF Hall of Humiliation also exposed these four reports


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1986 US Postal Service Decision declaring that this chain letter is illegal
1982 US Postal Service Decision declaring that this chain letter is illegal
1978 US Postal Service Decision declaring that this chain letter is illegal

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